Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Stock Quotes

Stock quotes are representations of the value of a share of stock where stock is a share in the ownership of a publicly traded company or it  is a claim on that company’s assets and earnings power. When a person acquires more and more stock, their share of ownership in the company is larger. Other words for stock include “shares” and “equity”, but it’s all the same thing.Share tips include  stock quote information.

A stock quote shows the financial value of a small part of a company. A share of stock used to be represented physically by a stock certificate, an elegant little piece of paper that looked something like a college degree. These days, this information is stored in brokerage firms’ computers as electronic records, so there’s no need for the fancy piece of paper. Shares are much easier to trade when they exist as electronic documents. Once upon a time, selling a large number of shares of stock required a physical transaction of these stock certificates. It is much easier to pick up your phone and sell shares of stock than it was to dump your stock into a wheelbarrow and wheel it down to Wall Street.


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