Thursday, 7 April 2011

options quotes

In addition to finding quotes for the futures options directly from the exchanges themselves, you can find them from financial derivatives portals that are available on the web.options trading provide all these options quotes with a very easy way.

Futures options quotes can be directly accessed through the futures and options exchanges, such as the Chicaco Mercantile Exchange's web site (at
Options on futures contracts were first traded in 1982 when the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) began trading options on T-bond futures.After that, CME opened its Index and Options Market division which offered options on stock index futures, Eurodollar futures and T-bill futures.

Most of the available options on futures contracts traded in the U.S. occur on the Chicago futures exchanges.The CBOT and CME, now a merged entity, have historically had over 85% marketshare of all options on futures traded in the country. The other 15% are traded at New York exchanges.


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