Sunday, 17 April 2011

How to invest in shares

Share Market is a place where everyone take bath in order to taste the money. But it purely depends on the fundamentals, luck, global cues, behavior of other country markets, currency rate, Forex rates, currency trading,options trading etc. Trading is done in terms of the shares. These shares are the name of the companies which gets listed, generally. Also the share price varies time to time even second by second, if the variation graph is critical.There are various sectors in the share market. Some of the known sectors are Oil, Reality meaning RealEstate, Construction, Finance, Telecommunication, Refineries, Steel, Broking firms, Food and beverages, Metals, Jewelery, Packing, Consumer Goods etc. The best sector to invest is the decision taken by the investors understanding the fundamentals of the company, turnover, volumes traded, balance sheet and so on.Basically shares are traded electronically and this can be done with the help of brokerage houses.These houses provides stock tips , trading tips ,share tips and investment tips for the customers.


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