Thursday, 28 April 2011

options trading strategies

For investors new to options, there is a lot to learn. Besides the various factors that affect option pricing directly, you will need to learn a new set of terms that apply only to options trading, a new set of trading symbols to follow, and of course, how to specifically place options trades with your broker, whether online or by phone. Then there are money management and risk tolerance factors. All of these things will need to be taken into account when determining the best options trading strategies for you as an individual.Options trading is considered a zero-sum game. This means that if you have a winning trade, someone else has a losing trade of equal value.



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  2. The advantages this style of trading offers are that trading is a simple process, and there is limited risk involved as opposed to trading conventional options. Traders only have to be right as far as price direction is concerned in order to profit.
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