Saturday, 23 April 2011

Future investment in Share

Share Tips is the first online community for the Indian stock market Trader/Investor aimed at quelling popular misconceptions about trading/investing in the Indian Share Market.Nifty Future King shares, inspires, and seeks to bring out the best of the trader/investor in You.
Options give investors the right, but not the obligation to buy or sell a particular asset (eg shares) at a fixed price on or before a specific date. Unlike futures contracts and Future investment, the potential loss to the buyer of an option is limited to the initial price (or premium) paid for the contract, regardless of the performance of the underlying share. Like futures investment, options can be used to try to capitalise on an upward or downward movement in the market, but also generate returns in a static market. When recommending higher-risk shares, 1st Option have to make sure they are suitable for here is  Options trading provide tips to make handsome revenue.

Before making recommendations to you 1st Option will ask you questions about:
your previous investment experience;
how much you know about investments;
your financial situation;
why you want to invest; and
how much you risk you want to take.
We only advise you to invest if the information you provide shows that you are the type of person for whom this type of investment is suitable.  If your requirements and objectives are in a specialist area then 1st Option may refer you to an adviser/broker who deal in this area on a day to day basis. All shares are purchased though a stockbroker.


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