Thursday, 10 March 2011

share tips and donating stock

Making gifts of stock, bonds or mutual funds is a great way to support Seva Foundation, and may provide you with significant tax savings.  Each situation is unique, so be sure to consult your broker or financial advisor before making your donation.Optiontips provides free , Share tips stock tips and shre marketing tips for Indian Stock Market NSE BSE Nifty and Sensex.

Generally, there are two approaches to donating stocks, bonds and mutual funds:

Appreciated Assets: When you donate assets that have increased in value, you can benefit in two ways.  You'll avoid capital gains tax on the profit you've made, plus the fair market value of your gift can be counted as a deductible charitable donation.  The way to do this is to transfer these assets directly to Seva Foundation, which can be easily done through your broker or financial advisor.We provide several stock tips too.

Depreciated Assets: You can also donate stocks, bonds or mutual funds that have decreased in value, though it's handled differently.  To recieve the maximum tax credit, you should sell the assets first then donate the proceeds to Seva.  That way you can claim a loss on the sale of the assets while counting the gift as a deductible charitable donation.
Stock and Wire Transfer Instructions
Electronic transfers usually come through without any identifying information, which can delay the process of crediting you for the tax deductible donation.  To ensure that you receive prompt acknowledgment of your gift, It's important that we receive the following information prior to transferring your appreciated assets:
Your name and contact information
Number of shares and name of the assets being transferred (i.e., 500 shares of AT&T)
Date of transfer...



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